Skin Bleaching Burns: Home Remedies and Treatments

Jan 19, 2023 by Adhip

Skin Bleaching burns are an extreme risk and should not be taken lightly. These severe injuries are classified as chemical burns, and any exposure to strong cleaners can damage your skin if proper safety measures are not taken. It’s important to remember that precautions need to be taken when working with such hazardous materials. If you have already suffered a bleach burn, it is likely possible to attend to the injury at home.

Skin Bleaching burns may have similarities to regular heat burns but can be just as severe. This kind of accident can cause immense pain, redness, swelling, blistering and worse – skin damage.

To effectively manage a burn, two stages of care must be taken into account: the initial stage & healing. The primary objective of the initial stage is to stop the burn from becoming any more severe. To aid the healing process of burns, long-term care is essential. It not only relieves any pain but also ensures that the burn doesn’t scar or become infected. Both stages of treatment are necessary to ensure your overall health and reduce discomfort during recovery.

Remedies and Treatments for Skin Bleaching Burns

The effects of skin bleaching burns are similar to sunburns in the sense that they can appear hours after you’ve been in contact with it. You might have had bleach on your skin for an extended period and not have known it was damaging your skin. 

Home Remedies for Skin Bleaching Burns

Treating bleach burns promptly is critical because they may aggravate further before healing. Therefore, taking prompt action to treat such burns is a priority.

Coldwater for Skin Bleaching Burns

The best way to soothe irritated, bleach-damaged skin is to quickly rinse it with cold water. Make sure you remove any leftover bleach before washing your face; avoid using soap or facial cleansers for at least a few hours afterward.

Aloe Vera Gel

Gently massage fresh Aloe Vera gel on the irritated area of your skin. If you don’t have this type of gel, you can also opt for a natural version. Aloe Vera has calming and healing properties as it’s an anti-inflammatory substance that can help soothe your skin and promote fast recovery. Applying Aloe Vera gel to your skin twice or thrice a day will help to reduce the signs of aging and leave you with a more youthful complexion.

Coconut milk for Bleach burns

Using coconut milk as a topical solution will help to soothe and heal irritated skin quickly. Applying it directly to the affected area for a few minutes at a time and washing your face regularly with fresh coconut milk can give you beautiful, glowing skin in no time.

Ice packs 

Cool water is the best remedy for a burn to reduce inflammation and provide relief from pain. It’s important to avoid using ice as that can hamper the healing process. Applying a cold & wet compress regularly when changing bandages is a good way to keep the burn clean and get it on its way toward healing.

Treatments for Skin Bleaching Burns


Skin Bleaching Burns can be very uncomfortable and cause discomfort. To reduce pain and swelling, it’s recommendation is to take NSAIDs like ibuprofen, naproxen, or high-dose aspirin. It’s important to always read the label carefully before taking any medication to ensure proper dosage. If the use of NSAIDs for pain management does not help, it is wise to seek advice from your doctor.

It may take around two weeks for bleach burns to recover completely. During this time, you may witness the formation of blisters, however, it is advised not to pop such blisters as they are meant to shield delicate tissue and can lead to infections if ruptured. Thus, it’s best just to leave them be. If the blister pops, carefully clean the area and re-bandage it to protect the skin underneath.

Creams for Skin Bleach Burns

Neosporin can provide a great deal of assistance to those with burns, particularly if blisters form and burst. These creams help to prevent the burn from drying out, while also warding off any bacteria. Applying a light layer of Neosporin whenever you change your bandage helps promote faster healing and decreases pain as well.

Cleaning your bleach burn with mild soap & water is essential for the healing process. To speed up the healing, you can apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel to the burn and use a bandage to secure it in place. This will help soothe any irritation caused by the bleach and promote quicker healing. This will protect your skin from any harm and ensure that the aloe remains in contact with it.

When to See a Doctor

Bleaching can lead to serious burns, and it’s important to seek medical attention if the burn is severe. You should call your doctor right away if you meet any of the following conditions:

  • The burn feels deep
  • The area affected by the burn exceeds three inches in width.
  • If a burn affects a considerable area of your face, hands, feet, major joints, or genitalia, it is serious.


Bleaching your skin should not be done frequently, but it’s an option if you need it from time to time.

Home remedies can help in the early stages of a burn, however, caution should be there as burns can become infected and be more severe than expected.

The quality of bleach you choose is very crucial because it can bring about skin irritation or worse, burns, if not of good quality. Therefore, make sure to pick one that meets safety requirements.

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