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Intensify your workouts with massive amounts of energy. Get bigger results from the same workouts. Notice faster recovery times. Enjoy your strongest, fittest, most powerful look ever

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The Hypergh14™ Natural HGH releaser pills, Releasing System for Natural HGH-Induced Muscle!

Hgh releaser pills guarantee to maximize the testosterone concentrations within your body. Testosterone is one of your body’s most powerful hormones. It can help increase energy, regulate sex hormones, and maintain healthy hair and skin.

  • Enjoy Faster Recovery Times
  • Stack-On More Muscle
  • Reduce Body Fat Composition
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Risk-Free For 67 Days
  • See Results in as Little as Six Weeks

Your Natural HGH Releasing Rhythms are Optimized by the HyperGH14XTM Advanced Dosing Mechanism!

(Take your Initial Dose Once, Ideally Before your Workout in the Morning. Before you Go to Bed, Take your Second Dose.)

This Aids in the Optimization of your Body’s Natural HGH Release cycles Throughout Exercises. And the First 60 Minutes afterward, As well as while you Sleep.

No other HGH pill, spray, or supplement on the market can match our better high-dosing approach. For optimizing your body’s natural HGH release cycles. Exercise-induced growth hormone response is boosted with Dose 1. (EIGER)

Heavy Resistance and High-Intensity Exercise of the Main muscle Groups have been Scientifically Demonstrated to have a Direct Impact on the Release of Growth Hormone.

This is known as your EIGR (Exercise-Induced Growth Hormone Response).

You can Boost your Overall capacity for Exercise Throughout your workouts by Taking HyperGH 14x Before your workouts prompt:

  • Exercise-Induced Growth Hormone Response Increased (EIGR).
  • During your Resistance and Aerobic workout, you’ll Experience even Higher Natural HGH pulse Releases.
  • In 24 hours, There are more HGH pulse Releases.

Dose #2 increases HGH production by your Circadian Rhythm. HGH is known to Play an Impact in Both the Quantity and Quality of sleep you Get.

HGH secretion follows a circadian rhythm with the largest, most important pulse occurring after you fall asleep. This happens on average about 60 minutes past when you went to bed.

It’s also worth noting that Increasing your Exercise-Induced Growth Hormone Response (EIGR) Has been Demonstrated to Boost the size and frequency of HGH pulses Released while you’re Sleeping.

By Taking HyperGH 14x™ Just Before Bedtime, You Can:

  • Improve your sleep Quality to Get the Most HGH Release Possible, Both after the first 60 Minutes and Throughout the Night.
  • Complement the Effects of HGH-Induced muscle Development and Repair, which occurs Throughout the Night.
  • For more Energy During the Day, Get a Better Night’s Sleep.
  • Boost the Amount of HGH your Pituitary Gland Naturally produces while you Sleep.

HyperGH 14xTM comes with the superior DOUBLE Advantage Delivery System

Advantage 1: The Oral Tablets

Formulated with 15 HGH Precursors, totaling 930 MG Each Day

You Take Two tablets Twice a Day for a Total of Four tablets Each Day with the HyperGH 14x Oral Tablets. Why are There so Many Pills? There are Two Main Reasons for this:

  • It was the Only Way we could Pack 930 mg of 15 powerful HGH Precursors into Tablets that Weren’t Horse Pills in Size.
  • To Help Enhance your Body’s own Natural HGH Releasing Rhythms, We wanted to Make sure you Had Two Daily Doses: One before your Workout or In the Morning, and one Before Night.

There is no artificial ingredients in the 15 HGH Precursors in the Formula and they don’t need prescriptions as well – so it’s not surprising that they’re effective.

Advantage 2: Enteric Coating

HyperGH 14xTM is the First and only Bodybuilding Supplement to feature a Pharmaceutical-Grade Enteric Absorption system:

  • Boost Nutrient Absorption by as much as 80%-90%
  • In Comparison, Non-enteric Coated Supplements have a 10-15% Absorption Rate.
  • It works by Shielding Important Elements from Stomach Acid and Ensuring that They Reach the Small Intestine, where They can Absorb the Most Nutrients into the Circulation.

You’ll have a hard time finding another HGH Releasing system that Uses Enteric Coating Because it’s more Expensive and Cuts into the Manufacturer’s Financial Margins.

Enteric coating, on the other hand, is Critical in Ensuring that your Body Absorbs the Maximum amount of these HGH Precursors! As a result, we’ve Decided to Take the Risk.

HGH releaser pills can lead the human body to produce more growth hormones without taking any new hormones.

There is No Need for a Prescription, and There are No known Side Effects or Reports of Toxicity!

HGH Supplementation with HyperGH 14xTM is Fully Legal. Because, Unlike synthetic HGH Injections, which Require a Doctor’s prescription, you’re Increasing your Body’s NATURAL HGH Release with a Sequence of potent, All-Natural HGH Precursors.

Furthermore, Unlike the use of Steroids, There is No Risk of Negative Effects with HyperGH 14xTM. This Recipe has Been Studied in Labs, Reviewed by Doctors, and Utilized by Tens of Thousands of People all over the World…

Get the best HGH releaser pills for weight loss, muscle, and strength gains. We only offer high-quality products.

HyperGH 14x™ is Daily Growth Hormone(HGH) Releaser for Body Builders!

67 Days Money Back Guarantee!

We want you to give our product a try, so we offer a risk-free 60 day trial (2 boxes). If you are not happy at all within 60 days of receiving your product, just send us two empty boxes and we’ll refund the purchase.