Deer Antler Plus – Muscle Building & Recovering

Supports muscular strength and endurance. he deer are already here. MLB Players have been using Deer Antler as an alternative to steroids for years as they say it boasts similar effects to banned substances but doesn't pose any of the health risks.

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Deer Antler Plus is a Muscle Building & Recovering Formula for Men!

Deer Antler Plus-leverage and deliver more power to your workouts, even at high intensity with increased muscular strength and endurance

Harvested Humanely From the Very Tip of The Deer Antler. This Tip Contains The Most Potent Substances and Typically Grows Back in Just a Few Weeks, Leaving The Living Antler Just as It Was Before, Because Only The Tip is Harvested and Deer Antler is Made of Living Tissue, There is No Need To Kill, Harm, or Even Cage The Animal.

Deer are The Ruminant Mammals Forming The Family Cervidae. Species in The Cervidae Family Include White-Tailed Deer, Elk, Moose, Red Deer, Reindeer, Roe, And Chital. Male Deer of All Species, Except The Chinese Water Deer, and Female Reindeer Grow and Shed New Antlers Each Year. In this They Differ from Permanently Horned Animals Such as Antelope; These Are in The Same Order as Deer and May Bear a Superficial Resemblance.


  • Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • Muscle Recovery after Intense Training
  • Muscle Mass Maintenance
  • Healthy Immune System
  • Joint Health

What Is Deer Antler?

Velvet Antler Refers to The Entire Cartilaginous Antler in a Pre-Calcified Stage, Not Just The Velvety “Skin” on Growing Antlers. After The Antler has Reached Around Two-Thirds of its Full Potential Size and Before Substantial Calcification, It is Usually Chopped off Near The Base.

The Antler is Dried and Utilized in Traditional Medicine as a Health Cure and Preventative Measure. Deer Antler Was Utilized as an Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Cancer, Immunological Stimulant, and Pro-Growth Substance By Ancient Chinese Herbalists.

How Is It Harvested?

You Maybe Shocked to Learn: that Harvesting Deer-Antler-Velvet is Done with Extreme Caution, Similar to a Veterinary Surgical Technique. For The Quality of Their Antlers, The Animals are Carefully Picked and Nurtured, and They Are Released to Pasture on The Same Day as The Harvest. Everything Has Been Built With The Comfort and Protection of The Deer in Mind.

A Registered Veterinarian Must Be Present When The Antlers Are Taken, Or The Harvest Must Be Overseen By a Certified Farmer Who is Licensed to Remove The Deer-Antler-Velvet. To Reduce Stress, The Stags Must be Handled Delicately Before Being Removed. They’re Given a Sedative as Well as a Topical Anesthetic Before The Antler is Removed to Protect Both The Deer and The Handler.

When Should you Use Deer Antler Plus?

For Muscle Building and For Muscle Recovery

Sarcoplasmic and Myofibrillar Muscle Hypertrophy are The Two Forms of Muscular Hypertrophy. The Volume of Sarcoplasmic Fluid in The Muscle Cell Grows During Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy, Although Muscular Strength does Not. Actin and Myosin Contractile Proteins Grow in Quantity During Myofibrillar Hypertrophy, Adding to Muscular Strength and a Slight Increase in Muscle Size. The Favorable Effects Of Deer Antler Can Aid in The Development of Both Sarcoplasmic and Myofibrillar Muscle.


Deer Antler Plus is an all-natural testosterone booster that delivers a safe and effective way to increase testosterone levels, improve male reproductive functions, and sexual performance and encourage endurance.


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