Follicle Hero Grow Strong – Hair Serum For Men & Women

A leave-in hair serum that nourishes and penetrates hair from the roots to the tips. Hydrolyzed keratin, herbal extracts, and hydrating minerals are included in this formula. Drug and paraben free, naturally sourced. Hair is left soft, strong and smelling great after using Follicle Hero cucumber and green tea flavor.

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Follicle Hero Grow Strong is a Complete Hair Care Serum for Both Men & Women!

When growth or loss has you worried, Follicle Hero Grow Strong Hair Serum helps to strengthen and thicken hair. Get strong, healthy-looking hair return of your scalp and the ability to produce healthy-looking locks in as little as 2 weeks.

  • It protects Hair from Heat and Styling
  • Minimizes hair loss
  • Strengthens and Thickens Hair Strands
  • Softer, Shiner, and Stronger Hair 
  • Daily usable

Beauty Benefits of Follicle Hero Grow Strong Hair Serum

  • Lowering the Hair loss
  • Regeneration of Hair Growth
  • Scalp wellness
  • Repairs Hair shaft Damage
  • Gives Hair volume and structure
  • Excellent Hair protection Before style

Direction of Use

Massage 7-10 Pumps into Hair from the Scalp to the Tips (Depending on Hair length). Use as a style Tool or Heat Protection on Freshly Washed Moist Hair, or on Dry Hair Every Day.


Exclusive Ingredient KerCysteine®: Increases and Revitalizes the Natural keratin your Body loses as It Ages and is Exposed to Environmental stress. KerCysteine®, our special product, contains Necessary Amino Acids that are Similar to Those Found in your Hair, Which helps to Rebuild and Renew its Health.

Polyquaternium 7: Makes Hair soft, silky, and shiny and Reduces static.

Calendula water: Moistures Hair and soothes the Scalp.

Orange Flower Water: Softens, silken, and shines Hair strands. Soothes Any skin Inflammation on the scalp while Hydrating and strengthening the Hair fibers, Allowing them to Maintain Their strength and compact form.

Sea Water: Revitalizes the scalp, Provide Important Minerals, and gives Hair Texture and volume.

Polyquaternium 10: This cellulose-Based product has Great conditioning and Restructuring Properties. Excellent for Detangling Hair and Healing split Ends.

Polyvinylpyrrolidone: Provides structure and Texture to Hair for style. Adds volume and Helps Hair Hold its shape by Forming a Thin, Protective coating on the Hair.

Acequart: This conditioner provides a conditioning, protecting, and Moisturizing Impact on the Hair and is made from Natural Guar Gum.

Mental lactate: It softly Refreshes and calms the Scalp, promotes Microcirculation, and Helps to prevent Hair Loss.

Follicle Hero Grow Strong – Hair Serum!

Drug-Free – Naturally Sourced