Foligray- A support for your natural hair color

Foligray is a specifically designed formula to support the nourishment of healthy hair while supplying supplementary nutrients in support of healthy hair pigmentation.

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Natural Hair Coloring Support – Foligray!

Foligray is a Nutritional Supplement for Maintaining Natural Hair Color on a Daily basis. The Foligray Recipe is a Unique Combination of Substances that Work Together to Nourish Hair Health and Pigmentation.

Understanding the Hair Pigmentation Process

Melanin is a Collection of Pigment Molecules that Gives your Hair its Color. There are Two types of Melanin for hair color: Eumelanin, which represents deeper hues, and Pheomelanin, which represents Lighter shades. Your Hair color is Determined by the Ratio of These two chemical sets. Melanocytes, which are Found in the Hair Follicles, Are the Cells that Contain this Pigment. Melanocytes Dye the Hair as It Grows from the Follicle, Resulting in a Strand of Hair that Matches your Melanin Makeup in Color.

Your Melanocytes create Less Melanin to Inject into your Growing Hair as you Become Older and Suffer from Typical oxidative or Physical Damage. As a Result of the Lack of Melanin, Hair grays or Becomes Lighter in Color.

Benefits of Foligray Natural Hair Coloring

Foligray’s Components May Have a Variety of Advantages When It comes to the Natural Process of Hair coloring. These Substances also Aid in the Maintenance of Healthy Hair.

Helps to Nourish the Hair Pigmentation Process:

Foligray supports Appropriate levels of l-Tyrosine, A Precursor to Melanin, with Its Blend of Natural Botanical Extracts, vitamins, and Trace Minerals (the color in your hair). Copper, Along with other Nutrients like Folate and Pantothenic Acid, Helps to Nourish the Pigmentation system in your Hair.

Provides Catalase:

Catalase is one of the Ingredients in the Foligray Recipe. Catalase is a Naturally occurring Enzyme in your Hair that is Responsible for Converting Hydrogen Peroxide to Safe water. Healthy Catalase levels Enhance the Health of Your Hair follicles and the Quality of your Hair. Catalase Levels in your Hair will Naturally Decrease as you Get Older.

Supports Strong, Healthy Hair:

The Foligray Recipe comprises a variety of vitamins and Minerals that support Healthy Hair and The Hair Growth Process in Addition to Nourishing Hair Pigmentation. Zinc, silica From Horsetail stems, B-vitamins, Folate, and Pantothenic Acid are Among Them.

Foligray Ingredients

Pantothenic Acid

It is often known as vitamin B5, can be obtained from your food or supplements. Pantothenic acid is a B vitamin that helps with hair pigmentation, hair health, natural hair growth, and adrenal health. The adrenal glands create hormones that aid in the body’s stress response. This is why some people who are under a lot of stress may benefit from vitamin B5 supplementation.


The enzyme catalase catalyzes the conversion of hydrogen peroxide to water. 


The activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for color synthesis, appears to be supported by adequate quantities of dietary copper. Foligray also contains a healthy dose of copper, which helps to assist the gray hair nourishing process.


It is an essential mineral for healthy hair and skin. Zinc in the diet might also help to maintain a healthy immune system.

Support your Natural Hair Pigmentation Process with Foligray. Order 4 Months’ supply and Receive 1 Bottle Free!

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