Folisin – Natural Hair Growth & Support testosterone levels

Support natural hair growth. Reduce the intensity of hair loss. Help maintain normal hair pigmentation. Support keeping proper testosterone levels.

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Folisin Natural Hair Growth Will Help you to Maintain Healthy and Full Hair!

  • Encourage the Growth of Natural Hair
  • Reduce the Severity of Hair Thinning
  • Assist in the Maintenance of Natural Hair Pigmentation
  • Assist in Maintaining Normal Testosterone levels.

What Causes you to Lose your Hair?

The reasons for Hair loss are Linked to a variety of Environmental and Internal variables. Our Body is a Complex Mechanism, and Each of its Activities has an Impact on the others. A Bad Diet, stress, Hormone issues, or Genetics are All factors that might Interrupt the Hair Development Cycle and Speed up Hair Loss.

Hair follicles are Exposed to These Substances on a Daily basis and, As a Result, are Unable to Develop properly. Each Hair must go Through Three phases: Anagen (when new hair cells are created), Telogen (resting state), and Catagen (when the hair is no longer growing) (Dieback). All Abnormalities in the Body’s functioning, As well as a Variety of External Influences, Disrupt the Natural Hair cycle, Resulting in Increased Hair loss and Growth of Weak and Thin Hairs.

Folisin will Assist you in Maintaining Healthy, Full Hair by:

  • Induces the Anagen phase and Shortens the Telogen phase
  • Antiandrogen Properties
  • Maintains the Hair’s pigmentation
  • Slows Down Hair loss

Ingredients Behind Folisin

Saw Palmetto

Fatty acid Extract with a Quarter-Percentage of Fatty Acids Saw palmetto Increases Hair Growth in Males and Aids in the Maintenance of Good Reproductive and Prostate Health.


Phosphatidic Acid is a kind of phospholipid that is Involved in Cell control. Clinical Trials have Shown that It has the Ability to Promote Hair Growth and Trigger the Anagen Phase of the Hair Development Cycle.


Black Pepper Extract of the Finest Grade, which Aids in the Absorption of Beta-Carotene and Selenium.


Tocopherol Combination of the Finest Quality, Containing Vitamin E and Tocotrienol. Clinical Tests have Shown that EVNolMaxTM Promotes the Growth of New hair and Reduces Hair Loss.


Pumpkin Seed Extract is High in Beta-Sitosterol. It Possesses Antiandrogenic Effects and Inhibits 5-Alpha Reductase, According to Clinical Investigations. When used in Conjunction with Saw Palmetto, It is Quite Effective.

Vitamin and mineral complex

Vitamin A, Biotin, Zinc, Copper, and Selenium SeLECT® are Included. Ingredients that are Critical for keeping Good Hair color and Pigmentation. It also has an Effect on male Reproductive Systems, Aids Testosterone Maintenance, and Promotes Spermatogenesis.

Folisin – If you want Thick and Strong Hair! 

Best Hair Growth Formula for Men

Folisin is a Food supplement Designed for Men who want to Support the Appearance and Health of their Hair