Follicle Hero Conditioner – Hair Nourishment for Men & Women

Follicle Hero Conditioner Nourishes the Scalp and Hair shaft gently while stimulating Hair follicles and Fortifying Hair shafts for Greater strength, Color Brightness, and Gloss.

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Follicle Hero Conditioner – Daily Hair Nourishment Formula!

Follicle Hero Hair Conditioner Developed to give you thicker, fuller, and shinier hair in a matter of weeks. Build your follicles with high-quality protein and make them attractive to hairs.

  • Nourishment of Hair from the Roots to the Tips
  • Reduce Hair loss
  • Repairs Shaft Damage
  • Soft & Shiny Hair
  • Moisturizes Scalp and Hair
  • Daily usable

Beauty Benefits of Follicle Hero Conditioner

  • Reduction in Hair loss Significantly
  • Follicles Nourish and strengthen
  • Increased Hair shaft protein concentration
  • Hair Strength and color Brightness Improve

Who Is It Made For?

Perfect for Both Men and Women who want to Reduce Hair Thinning and Enhance Hair Density, or Just Improve their Hair’s Health, Strength, and Gloss!

Direction of Use

The Initial use will show Results on the Hair scalp and shaft. Although Improvements in Hair Thinning and Density can be visible as early as the first month of use, Use for At least Three Months for the Best Results.


Exclusive Ingredient KerCysteine®

Increases and Revitalizes the Natural keratin your Body loses as it Ages and. KerCysteine®, our special product, contains Necessary Amino acids that are similar To those Found in your Hair, which Help to Rebuild and Renew Its Health.


Essential vitamins and proteins, B vitamins, Biotin, KerCysteine, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, and The Amino acids Included in KerCysteine Nourish and stimulate the scalp. Biotin is Required for the Metabolism of Fatty acids and Amino acids and is one of the Building blocks of Healthy Hair. Follicle Hero has high levels of Biotin for Hair health, which helps to strengthen hair and prevent Dryness, Breakage, and Shedding.

Aloe Vera

Purifies the Scalp and Activates Follicle oxygenation with Aloe Vera Gel, a Potent Antioxidant.

Coconut & Jojoba oil

To Calm the Scalp, Smooth and Hydrate the Hair, Use Refined Coconut and Jojoba oils.


A must-have for the hair health-conscious-minded, Follicle Hero Conditioner is designed to moisturize, condition, and stimulate the scalp with essential nutrients.

Nourish your Hair with Follicle Hero Conditioner!

Naturally Sourced – Paraben-Free