Is there a potential link between energy drink consumption and hair loss in men?

Feb 09, 2023 by Adhip

A recent study published in the journal ‘Nutrients’, mentions that consumption of sweetened beverages & energy drinks can now be linked to cases of hair loss, mainly among men. This further solidifies the idea that sugar-filled drinks are bad for one’s health.

The ‘Nutrients’ journal recently published a study that suggests that consuming sweetened drinks could cause hair loss, particularly in men. This further reiterates the fact that these beverages are detrimental to our health, despite being popularly consumed.

Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair loss in men is often due to genetics, however other reasons such as stress, diet, and even medication can have an effect too. It’s important to be mindful of these factors that can lead to thinning hair or complete baldness. Hair loss in men can be by multiple factors, including consuming energy drinks. Surprisingly, these drinks can be a major contributor to hair loss. Therefore it’s important to recognize the risks and take necessary precautions.

How are Energy drinks & hair loss Linked?

To ensure optimal hair health, it is important to maintain a nutritious diet. As hair follicle cells are the second-fastest dividing cells in your body. Also it require an adequate supply of essential vitamins & minerals.

Hair health is heavily dependent on proper nutrition. To stay healthy and fit, it’s vital to have an adequate intake of essential macronutrients. Such as lean proteins, carbs & healthy fats along with vitamins and minerals. Eating right with a balanced diet can ensure you’re getting all the nourishment your body needs. Crash diets and nutritional deficiencies are common causes of hair thinning & shedding so make sure to consult a medical professional if needed.

The research showed that those who had more than one alcoholic beverage each day were at a 42% higher risk of hair loss in comparison to people who did not drink.

According to a peer-reviewed study, people who consume fast food less often and eat fewer veggies, as well as those who experience anxiety frequently have higher chances of hair loss.

Why Energy Drinks accelerate Hair Loss

There are several potential reasons why energy drinks may be linked to hair loss in men.

The high caffeine content of energy drinks.

 Although Caffeine can help to boost energy levels and alertness, it can also be detrimental to hair growth.

Energy drinks are high in sugar which can trigger hair loss:

 Too much sugar in your diet can cause an imbalance in your body’s insulin levels, leading to hormonal disruptions that may result in hair loss. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet for the best hair care results.

Energy drinks are high in sugar which can trigger hair loss:
World diabetes day; sugar in wooden bowl on dark background

Energy drinks hair loss: Ingredients do play a role

 Several ingredients that are present in energy drinks can harm the health of your hair. Artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and other chemicals have damaging effects on the hair follicles and therefore avoid them.

Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

If you’re looking to stop hair loss, do a few things. This includes following a healthy diet, keeping stress levels under control, avoiding medications that may cause hair loss, and avoiding the overuse of hairstyling products.

nutritious diet can play an important role in hair health and help prevent thinning and loss. Protein, iron, zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C are key nutrients. Include it in your daily meal plan to ensure healthy hair.

Keeping stress levels under control is imperative for healthy hair growth. Stress can interfere with the natural hair growth process and lead to alopecia. It is essential to avoid any medicines that could potentially cause you to lose your locks. If you have a drug that has been resulting in thinning hair, consult a medical professional about alternative options.

It is recommended to reduce the use of hair styling products to prevent hair loss. These products can be damaging to your scalp and cause permanent damage to your hair follicles.


Millions of men worldwide experience hair loss, with energy drinks being one of the potential causes. The exact cause may vary, but it is common knowledge that energy drinks can be a factor in male pattern baldness. Studies do not show a direct correlation between energy drinks and hair loss, however, the high caffeine levels they contain could contribute to it. Further studies will be necessary to corroborate this relationship.

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