What are the Causes, Symptoms & Treatments of hair loss in men

Nov 14, 2022 by Adhip

Hair loss in men can happen in different parts of your body and is often temporary or permanent. The causes will be heredity or hormone changes, or even a medical condition like Alopecia Areata

Regardless of the cause, we all experience hair loss at some point and it’s important to treat the issues fast. Men are more likely to lose their hair on the head than women, but anyone can suffer from this condition.

Hair loss is common in men with a lot of stress in their lives and those with a family history of baldness. Most people want to take measures against hair loss and keep it hidden as well. 

Others may cover it up with Hairstyles, makeup, hats, or scarves – some choose one of these to change their look while others are dealing with hair loss or trying to restore growth.

Causes of hair loss in men

To find out the cause of your hair loss in men, talk to a doctor about treatment options. Many different factors could be at the root of it and you’ll want to get a proper diagnosis.


Many causes of hair loss in men are mainly genes passed down from their parents. If your relatives have had the problem, you’re at risk too.

Many causes of hair loss in men are mainly genes

Men often have hair loss due to a gradual thinning of their hair in a certain area, like temples or crowns.

Medical Issues

If you are going through temporary hair loss, the main cause to look for is if you have any other medical condition or if your diet is lacking in protein or iron. Some drugs, such as those prescribed for Cancer, Depression, and High Blood pressure, may cause hair loss.


another cause of Hair loss in men is several things including sudden weight loss or a major emotional shock. Hair could come back over several months.

Impulse Control Disorder

There are a few reasons people may want to pull their hair out – from the scalp, eyebrows, or any other spot. It is a chronic condition that can affect around 1% of adults and teenagers.


Ringworm can cause scaly patches to form on the scalp and bald spots. The hair usually grows back after treatment. Ringworm, thankfully, is not too common. But if it does happen, then a scaly bald patch will appear on the scalp. That will eventually fall out and the hair should grow back to its original state without any problems.

Immune System

If you have sudden hair loss that is round, bald spots the size of a quarter in various places on your head, you may have a genetic condition called alopecia areata. 

There is no discomfort involved, the virus is not contagious, and your hair may grow back. However, it can fall out again as well.

Symptoms of the causes of hair loss in men

Hair loss in men is the shedding of hair from your head or body. The type of hair loss depends on what is causing it. Some people experience sudden hair loss, while others inflict gradual thinning. 

The appearance of your body can also change because of the sudden change in grooming habits

If you suffer from hair loss here are some of the symptoms:

  • People often lose their hair gradually by thinning either at the top of the head or on the temples. This is typically a sign of aging, but it can also occur in men who suffer from general hair loss around their temples. The majority of women have wider partings in their hair. One common form of hair loss in older women is a receding hairline (frontal fibrosing alopecia)
  • Circular bald spots or patches on the scalp, beard, or eyebrow, before the hair, falls out. May become itchy or painful.
  • You may notice hair loosening and even some hair coming out or breaking off after a “shock.” For example, if you comb your hair or if you wash it. This type of hair loss usually causes overall thinning, but it is temporary.
  • If a person goes through chemo treatments, they can be left with no hair on their body. The hair returns once the treatments are done though.
  • Patches of scales are widely spread over the scalp and can sometimes come with broken hair, redness, swelling, and oozing. That’s a sign of ringworm.

Symptoms of the causes of hair loss in men

When to Consult a doctor to know about the causes of Hair loss in men

If you are not well and lose hair, go to your doctor. Talk to your doctor about early treatment looking at the cause of hair loss. Avoiding irreversible damage is important.

When there is sudden hair loss or hair loss in large volume with routine combing or washing you should consult your doctor. Sudden hair loss can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition that needs to treat as soon as possible.

Take Away

Causes of Hair loss in men can be of many reasons and be taken care with treatments. However, It requires an accurate diagnosis to determine the key cause. Without a diagnosis, treatment often fails to work as expected

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