What is the different male body build types?

Nov 28, 2022 by Adhip

Male body build type impacts your reactions to food and exercise, and even specifically what clothes you wear. Design a diet that matches your physique, clothing choices that suit it, and exercises that prioritize it to get the type of life or image you want.

When it comes to selecting clothes, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. Knowing your body shape and features will help you decide what to wear.

There are three basic male body build types: 

  1. Ectomorph
  2. Mesomorph
  3. Endomorph

 Apart from these 3 main Classifications, it is then sub-divided into four Types:

  1. Rectangle
  2. Triangle
  3. Trapezoid
  4. Oval
  5. Inverted Triangle

No matter their size, people can learn a lot about themselves by learning what their body build types are. Further, from there they might realize that they need to eat healthier or start exercising more often. 

Once you know your body type, it becomes a lot easier to identify what clothes work best or don’t work so well. To help you, this guide will go through everything in detail- one by one.

Male body build types

1. Ectomorph

Ectomorphs or “hard gainers”s are the leanest of the three basic body types. They have fast metabolic rates, but difficulties building muscle.

They also have a very small muscle mass and BMI, and their body is on the smaller side. Their chest size is average or below average and you’ll notice it’s harder for them to build muscle because of the aforementioned issues.

If you are a hard gainer, your best bet is to reach for high-calorie foods and workouts that target the largest muscle groups. Although this might not seem like a quick fix on the surface, some studies have shown significant weight and muscle gains.

2. Mesomorph

Males with a mesomorphic physique are the most common type and their heavier bone and muscle structure suits them to the gym environment. This means they can achieve a muscular physique quickly and maintain it, whereas ectomorphs (the other main type) find it hard to gain muscle mass.

The mesomorph has a healthy metabolism and can easily gain and lose weight. They enjoy the benefits of both bodybuilding, which generally requires no special considerations like ectomorphs and more cardio-focused workouts.

3. Endomorph

Ectomorphs have such a tall and lean build that it’s difficult for them to put on mass quickly, but the Endomorph profile is well-suited for quickly packing on muscle. The key is creating a proper bodybuilding workout with rep ranges and sets that are efficient enough to make this work.

Cardio is always recommended for weight control, which can be challenging when your metabolism is slow. This body type also needs to balance out how many calories they’re taking in each day to avoid excess weight gain.

Male body build types according to shape:

1. Rectangle

Men with a Rectangle body shape should widen their shoulders to create some balance and make the lower torso appear narrower. This can include :

Male body build types : Trapezoid

Men with a Trapezoid body shape have broader shoulders and chests, in contrast, they have smaller waists and hips. With this body type, most clothing will fit you. Shopping for clothes is an exciting experience when you’re looking at stuff that’s proportionate to the shape of your body. 

Most clothes will most likely fit well, but if you know your body is shaped like a trapezoid, buying something with more length can work as well. Clothing is optional because your upper and lower body is evenly proportioned.

2. Triangle:

A Triangle body shape is common with narrow shoulders and a larger bottom torso. With this body type, the shoulders will have a little slope to compensate for the difference in size.

3. Oval

This body type is self-explanatory! You have a narrower shoulder and spare parts of your lower legs. It’s best to give attention to your shoulder to look more defined.

4. Male body build types: Inverted Triangle

This Body Type is like the Trapezoid, in that it has broad shoulders and narrower hips. However, both are wider on their upper halves compared to the lower half. 

This body type is most common in athletes and for good reason. What’s better than someone who has an athletic build? The problem with this body type is that there is no balance between the top and bottom portions of your outfit.


Understanding your body type helps to explain and overcome the many unknowns and challenges people who diet experience. It’s one more tool to use to make the most use of your greatest assets and prevent mistakes. The internet is filled with information about different body types and the lifestyles they come with. Seek out this knowledge and you’ll find yourself transforming into a better person.

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