Zinamax – Advanced Formula for Clear Skin

Zinamax is a product for those who want to get rid of acne, inflammation, and improve their facial skin's appearance and condition. The results will be noticeable after the first month of use, thanks to the best grade ingredients.

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Zinamax  Makes Fall in Love with your Skin by Eliminating Acne!

Zinamax Ingredients:

  • Boost the Health of your Skin.
  • Cleanse the Skin.
  • Reduce Sebum Production.
  • Inflammation is Relieved.
  • Blemishes will be Less visible.

What Effect does Zinamax have on your Skin?

Because Zinamax is made with High-Quality components, you’ll Notice a considerable Difference in the Appearance of Your Skin after Just one month of use!

  • Has Anti-Inflammatory and Antibacterial properties
  • Deeply Moisturizes
  • Promotes wound Healing
  • Reduces Sebum production
  • Visibly Improves the Quality of the Skin

Lactoferrin is an Anti-Acne Substance!

Lactoferrin, Which is found in Zinamax, has been Demonstrated to Help with Acne -Related Inflammatory Alterations. Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal, and Antiparasitic Characteristics make it a Multipotent protein with Exceptional Properties.

Lactoferrin’s Effectiveness was Proven in a clinical study involving 18-30-year-Old patients. They were Split into Two Groups at random, With one receiving Fermented Milk containing 200 mg of Lactoferrin and the Other Receiving Lactoferrin-Free milk.

The Researchers Discovered that those Who drank Lactoferrin had Lower levels of:

  • Inflammation by 38.6%
  •  The Number of Acne Blemishes by 23.1%
  • Acne Intensity by 20.3%
  • Amount of Sebum by 31.1%


What sets Zinamax Apart from Other Treatments is its Unique Blend of Natural Components. That Helps with Skin Issues Such as Acne and Dry, Uneven skin.

  • Lactoferrin
    Has antibacterial and antiviral properties
    Soothes inflammation
    Reduces the amount of sebum
    Reduces acne blemishes
  • Wild pansy Flower Extract [5% Flavones]
    Reduces imperfections
    Cleanses the skin
    Helps maintain healthy skin
  • Wild rosehip Extract
    Promotes wound healing
    Encourages the production of collagen
    Reduces the amount of blemishes
  • Nettle Leaf Extract [4% Polyphenols]
    Reduces sebum secretion
    Anti-inflammatory effect
    Improves your metabolism
  • Centellin®
    Improves collagen synthesis
    Accelerates the wound healing process
    Antioxidant effect
  • BioPerine®
    Supports the cleansing of the skin
    Supports the absorption of other ingredients
    Supports the immune system
    Regulates the digestive tract

Improve the Quality of your Skin and Say Goodbye to Acne with Zinamax!

Unique Blend of Natural Ingredients

The Product contains only Natural Ingredients that are Completely safe for your Health. It does not cause any Side effects.