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Support healthy lungs and a healthy respiratory system. VitaPost Lung Support features Vitamins C and K₂, botanical antioxidant extracts like quercetin and pine bark, and 250mg of Cordyceps extract.

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VitaPost – Lung and Respiratory System Support

One of the ways to keep your lungs healthy is to stop smoking. Inhalation of cigarette smoke is death for your lungs. Awareness of why and how you endanger the condition of your lungs through smoking alcohol and breathing in unfiltered air. Learn about the importance of healthy lung function, ways to maintain it, and lung care at home.

Vitapost offers a balanced gut, healthy lung function, and healthy skin providing the optimum conditions for your body to heal itself.


Vitamins C and K2, Botanical Antioxidant extracts like Quercetin and Pine Bark, and 250mg of Cordyceps extract are all included in VitaPost Lung Support For Healthy Lung Function. They are the soothing Ingredients of Breathing.

Inhale and exhale… What is the function of the respiratory system?

Many cultures consider breath to be our life energy, yet few people understand how the respiratory system works and how nutrition can help it.

respiratory system Many cultures consider breath to be our life energy, yet few people understand how the respiratory system works and how nutrition can help it.

Every cell in your body requires oxygen to function properly. Air enters your lungs as you inhale, and oxygen from the air travels to your bloodstream. When you exhale, waste gas (mainly CO2) travels from your bloodstream to your lungs, where it is exhaled. The lungs expand and constrict repeatedly as a result of inhaling and exhaling, similar to an elastic balloon that is inflated and then deflated.

Muscles and bones help to support and protect the lungs. The diaphragm is a muscular wall that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. The diaphragm contracts and the chest cavity expands during inhalation (‘inspiration,’) creating a vacuum that pushes air into the lungs. The diaphragm relaxes during exhalation (‘expiration,’) and the air is expelled out of the lungs.

Lung function deteriorates with age and lifestyle decisions. This is because of a number of things. The diaphragm is one of the muscles that weakens with aging. Lung tissue loses its elasticity over time. The rib cage may contract, reducing the amount of space available for the lungs to expand. While some loss of lung capacity is to be expected as you get older, you can help your lungs by avoiding pollutants, exercising, supporting your immune system, and eating a well-balanced diet.

Lung Support Key Ingredients

The respiratory system, like other complicated systems in the body, requires a varied spectrum of nutrients. Despite the fact that our lungs provide us with oxygen, they can greatly benefit from antioxidant assistance. 2 Breathing can be made easier with the correct combination of energy sources. 3 Our formula’s major ingredients are listed below.

Lungs Support

Vitamin C

One study indicated that utilizing vitamin C to support lung function had promising benefits. Overall, the study found that a vitamin C-rich diet is likely to be favorable to lung health. 4 Vitamin C also plays an important role in several components of the immune system. 5 VitaPost Lung Support contains 125 milligrams of vitamin C, making it a high-potency dose of this important vitamin.


For generations, the weird and fascinating Cordyceps fungus has been employed in Traditional Chinese medicine to give a variety of health advantages. One of the reasons these mushrooms have been utilized for so long could be because of their calming qualities. Cordyceps has been proven in several trials to provide relaxing assistance for airways as well as help for proper lung hydration.


Vitamin K2 (menaquinone) is increasingly gaining popularity as a hero in supplement formulations. Vitamin K2 aids calcium absorption and distribution in the body.

Collagen and elastin fibers entwined throughout the lung parenchyma give the tissue its elasticity. When inhaling and exhaling, a lung with good elasticity ebbs and flows with ease, just like an elastic balloon. Matrix Gla Protein (MGP), a unique protein that is dependent on nutritional Vitamin K2, is important for the maintenance of elastin fibers in the lungs.

Antioxidant Botanicals

VitaPost Lung Support contains a variety of botanicals that have long been used to support lung health. Quercetin, Citrus Bioflavonoids, and Pine Bark Extract are all complex nutrients that help to maintain the body’s delicate membranes, especially those in the lungs.

Support your Lungs for a Healthy Respiratory System!

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