VigRX Delay Wipes- Male Enhancement

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Vigrx Delay Wipes Can Help You “Run The Marathon” If You Have Periodic Premature Ejaculation or Just Wish To Be Able to “Run The Marathon.” Imagine Knowing That When The Time Is Right And The Mood Hits, You’ll Be Able To Enjoy Long, Enjoyable Physical Intimacy with No Worries.

How VigRX Delay Wipes Works?

All-Natural Ingredients in Vigrx Delay Wipes Desensitize Your Penis Just Enough For You To Keep Pleasure and Control Without Numbing Her Out and Ending The Night In Frustration.

Vigrx Delay Wipes are a Natural Option That will Offer You The Energy you Need When And Where you Need It The Most!

The Two Major Ingredients Work In Tandem To Provide You With The Perfect Combination that will Keep you in Command and Your Partner Happy.

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The Vigrx Delay Wipes were Created Specifically For You. They’re Small And Lightweight.

Previously, Your only Alternative was a Huge Bottle Or a Large Tube Of Cream, Which Was Neither Discrete Nor Secret. Not Only Can Vigrx Delay Wipes Eliminate That Problem Once And For All, But It Also Does a Lot More…

Some Wipes Contain Chemicals Such As Lidocaine Or Benzocaine, Which Can “Over Numb” Your Organ – But They Can also Numb HER on The Inside, Which Might Ruin Everything.

No Bulky bottles or Tubes of lotion

You’ll Be Ready for Anything If You Keep One in Your Wallet. Simply Open The Handy Wipe 30 Minutes Before Having Mating, Rub your Organ with It, And You’ll Be Ready to Go In No Time!

The Hero Ingredients Behind the Secret!

Zanthoxylum Oil

Distilled From The Winged Prickly Ash Tree, Which May be Found all Over The World and Has Been Used for Centuries For Its Antifungal and Therapeutic Effects. Its Numbing Properties Make It Ideal for Use In Our Wipes.

Peony Extract

Extract of Peony – The Peony, Dubbed “The Queen Of Flowers” By The Ancient Greeks, Has Been Utilized for Centuries for Its Medicinal Virtues. The Peony Has a Range of Well-Documented Benefits, Ranging from PMS to Nerve Calming. It Helps to Improve Blood Circulation and Has Excellent Anti-Oxidant Properties As an Extract (Used In Massage Oils). It’s a Fantastic Addition to The Vigrx Delay Wipes Mix We’ve Developed!

Say Good Bye to Premature Ejaculation!

67 Days Money Back Guarantee

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