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Boost-Breast Milk Enhancer and Lactation Supplement

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A clinical trial in Peru provided the primary support for Boost ingredients, which are the galactagogue properties of silymarin in pregnant females. In this placebo-controlled, blinded prospective trial, 50 subjects were divided into two groups and given either 420 mg of micronized Silymarin or a placebo. The experiment lasted 63 days, and milk 3 production in the control group was significant at both 30 and 60 days. “It is interesting to consider not only the quantity of produced milk in absolute value but also the percentage increase for each mother compared to day 0, which was 64.43 percent in the treated group and 22.51 percent in the placebo group,” the authors wrote. ” At day 63, milk production was 1119.24 grams compared to 700.56 grams on day 0, representing an 86 percent increase in milk production during the trial.”

The Mother’s Milk Enhancer stimulates cow lactation in the woman so that she can produce more milk to help the hungry baby.


Boost contains Silymarin, an active extract of Silybum marianum seeds (milk thistle). A standardized extract of the seed contains roughly 70-80 percent silymarin flavonolignans and 20-30 percent chemically undefined fraction, which consists primarily of polymeric and oxidized polyphenolic compounds. Silymarin is derived from the fruits of Silybum marianum rather than the seeds (Woo et al, 2007). Silymarin absorption rates range between 20% and 50%. This low bioavailability could be attributed to gastric fluid degradation, poor enteral absorption, or low water solubility (Usman et al, 2009). Regardless, the efficacy of silymarin as a new medical application is significant (Gazak, 2007). At therapeutic doses, silymarin has an excellent safety profile, both alone and in combination with standard traditional therapy (Saller R et al, 2008).

BOOST MILK Enhancer for Mom with Low Breast-Milk Supply

Many factors influence the development of breast milk, but after birth, the hormone prolactin is critical for fully stimulating the alveoli for milk production. Oxytocin, which stimulates myoepithelial cells to contract and release stored milk into the ducts, is the primary regulator of milk secretion (i.e., milk letdown). To reach the infant, milk must be ejected from the lumen of the alveoli into the milk ducts. Suckling stimulates the production of prolactin and oxytocin in infants. Milk secretion continues until suckling is terminated. When all of the milk has been released, the breast stimulates the production of more milk for the next feeding. This feedback mechanism causes a gradual increase in supply.

While the mechanism for influencing milk production via galactagogues is unknown, increasing prolactin levels and the effect on the anterior pituitary are logical. Other factors can influence milk secretion, but milk production is a problem for mothers who are unable to completely feed their newborns. Outcomes measuring prolactin levels were considered in clinical research; however, it should be noted that this is still considered an indirect assessment of milk production. When assessing effects on lactation, direct measurements of milk volume and infant weight serve as better endpoints in clinical research.

The presence of steroidal saponins is a common thread found in many ingredients that have positive effects on milk production. These are plant-derived compounds that may have direct effects on hormones (such as prolactin) that influence milk production. This component could be the focus of a new product for increasing breast milk production, but more research is needed to confirm silymarin’s efficacy.

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