Libido boosting in Women. All you need to Know

Nov 07, 2022 by Adhip

Sex drive, often known as libido, naturally differs from person to person. Libido boosting is a very important aspect. Low sex drive is not always a problem. But if someone wants to increase their libido, they can try a variety of powerful natural female libido supplements.

It’s not unusual for health, anxiety, and relationship issues to have an impact on someone’s libido. Low libido can be a problem if it impacts their relationships or causes them to feel unattractive.

Although a shifting sex drive is a natural aspect of life, some women have a problem known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). For both men and women, high levels of worry frequently inhibit libido and sexual function. This anxiety could be general sex related anxiety or anxiety brought on by life stress.

The Importance of Libido and the Benefits of boosting Sexual Lifestyle

People who have a demanding job schedule, caring obligations, or other life problems may feel worn out. Thus, have a low level of sexual desire as a result. Therefore boosting the libido is so important.

Stress and anxiety can also make it harder for someone to acquire or keep an erection. Which in turn discourages them from engaging in sexual activity. Review of 2017 on erectile dysfunction in young men, depression, and anxiety can lower libido and worsen sexual dysfunction. 

It is characterized as a mental and physical sexual dysfunction in which women lose interest in having sex for at least six months. Thereby, giving themselves grief or producing issues in their relationships (or both).

Libido and the Benefits of boosting Sexual Lifestyle

According to a 2019 article from Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) is thought to be brought on by an imbalance in the neuronal pathways in the brain. The researchers write that this imbalance “may result in increased inhibition, decreased excitement, and a lower reactivity to sexual stimuli.”

HSDD is more likely to affect women for the following reasons:

Problems in a relationship, such as emotional or physical abuse, sexual functioning of a partner, medical disorders like diabetes, and drug side effects like those from regularly used antidepressants or blood pressure medicines. Psychiatric conditions include sadness and anxiety, menopause. Libido boosting supplements would be a great solution for individuals who are suffering from all these.

Does Libido boosting for women’s medications work?

Trial results for libido enhancement for women medications for boosting libido have been modestly effective, but the long-term impact is still uncertain. The FDA twice rejected Addyi before approving it. It was once disregarded since it had the same effectiveness as a placebo. Safety concerns led to the second visit. According to the National Women’s Health Network, several studies have suggested that 10% of women have improvements in their HSDD after using Addyi.

According to a Pharmacy & Therapeutics study published in 2017, the minor net benefits of using Addyi in enhancing sexual desire are typically outweighed by the safety hazards.

How to obtain female Libido Boosting drugs?

You must have a diagnosis of HSDD to obtain female libido supplement tablets. The diagnosis of HSDD is made by a mix of characteristics rather than by a single test. To rule out any health issues that might be causing your low sexual desire, your healthcare provider will likely perform a comprehensive medical exam first.

If your sexual desire has been low for six months or more, and you have one or more of these symptoms, your doctor may diagnose you with Hypoactive Sexual Desire.

Lack of interest in starting a relationship or having sex. Absence or decrease in responsiveness to sexual stimuli or cues, which can be visual or related to other senses. And this also involve the requirement to be sexually aroused.

How to obtain female Libido Boosting drugs?

Just because you have a low libido doesn’t tell you have HSDD and the need of boosting libido, keep that in mind. The medical experts at the International Society for Sexual Medicine claim that each woman’s level of sex drive is different and that what concerns one woman might not bother another.

Substitutes for Female Libido boosting Supplement

According to Uppal, women can have reduced libido for a variety of causes, including melancholy, discomfort during sexual activity, or even bad associations brought on by atrophic vaginitis. “This is quite common, which is one of the most important things that a person should know.”

Psychological interventions, cognitive behavioral therapy, couples therapy, and mindfulness based therapies are among the possible treatments than Libido boosting supplements. Medication for depression and anxiety may also have some impact on sexual desire. 

According to experts, combo therapy is frequently the most successful. Your therapy program might also consist of:

Adding novel experiences to your sex life can make how to increase female libido quickly and more exciting and arousing, such as getting a sensual massage, having sex during the day, or using sex toys.

Sex education or therapy to assist you (and your spouse) in understanding the potential causes of your sex life’s issues, potential fixes for these issues, and improved methods of showing your sexual preferences and differences with your partner.

Lowering stress at work and home, getting enough sleep each night, working out, and doing other mind body activities will help you manage stress levels that could impair your desire for sex.

Male androgen Insufficiency in Females

The idea of “female androgen insufficiency” is a major driving force behind the pharmaceutical industry’s interest in androgen treatments for the treatment of poor libido and boosting it in women. 

Experts in the field of women’s sexual health met in Princeton, New Jersey, in June 2001 to discuss how androgens affect women’s health and well being, with a focus on how they perform sexually (Bachmann et al., 2002).

 In a consensus declaration, the Princeton Conference introduced the term “female androgen insufficiency,”. It is described as a pattern of clinical symptoms linked to low levels of bioavailable testosterone.

As a result, “female androgen deficiency” was never proven with experiments, and the idea has since largely lost popularity. Nevertheless, the idea sparked early. And it continued interest in testosterone, which probably encouraged the pharmaceutical industry to develop androgen therapy for women. 

Today, there are still no FDA-approved androgen medicines for women. Even though pharmaceutical companies have spent millions of dollars on research and development.

Hormone treatments for boosting postmenopausal women’s reduced libido

The effectiveness of estrogen or androgen therapy in how to boost your libido after menopause women’s sexual drive has been the subject of intense research over the past three decades. 

Analyzed all double blind randomized controlled trials that had been conducted to that point on the effects of estrogen and androgen treatments on postmenopausal women’s sexual desire functioning in 2004.

Alternative approaches

Female Libido boosting Supplement

Low libido may not be something that medication can treat because sexual desire is varied. Desire can be reduced by trauma, bad sex, an un caring spouse, or boredom.

In more detail, a 2017 study discovered that the following elements can lower libido: 

  • feeling under pressure to adhere to sex norms, especially religious needs
  • a sexually transmitted infection in the past,
  • having a partner with a history of sexual issues not feeling emotionally attached to them during sex
  • have difficulty to discuss sex,
  • not showing one’s sexual preferences with a partner, and
  • remaining with one’s relationship for more than a year. 

When one, all, or a combination of these factors cause low sexual desire, medication might not work. Now you are aware of the different ways by which libido boosting is possible.


It’s crucial to discuss your choices with a doctor if you suspect you have HSDD and discover that the illness is affecting your personal life and mental health. An undiscovered medical condition like diabetes can hamper your libido. 

Libido enhancement for women or boosting medications may not be ideal for treating women’s declining sexual libido, but they can still be a significant improvement for women’s health.

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