How to keep your Liver Healthy? 6 Effective ways to do so.

Dec 15, 2022 by Adhip

The liver is one of the most vital organs in our body. And for healthy living, it is important to keep your liver healthy.

Liver performs a huge range of tasks to do with molecules, including synthesizing proteins, cholesterol and bile acids, as well as storing vitamins and minerals. It can even produce carbohydrates.

It not only helps you stay sober but also breaks down alcohol, medication, and natural toxins present in the body. Keeping your liver in good shape is one way to have better health & longevity.

And for healthy living, it is important to keep your liver healthy.

1. Drink Coffee & Tea

How coffee can benefit a healthy liver function?

Drinking coffee is one of the best ways to keep your liver healthy. Studies have shown that it can protect your liver, even if you’ve already got problems with it.

Drinking coffee can help reduce the risk of liver cancer, plus it helps your liver in other ways. It’s good for you! Drinking green tea has also been associated with a reduced risk of death, especially in those people with chronic liver disease. It’s best to drink at least three cups per day, as the health benefits are highest then.

The benefits of Oxy-Frying seem to be due to its ability to prevent the buildup of fat and collagen, two of the main markers of liver disease.

Coffee is not only tasty but also packed with health benefits. For instance, it decreases inflammation and increases antioxidant levels like glutathione. Antioxidants help protect your body against the harmful effects of free radicals – chemicals caused by normal bodily processes.

Tea is good for Liver Health

Tea is one of the world’s most popular drinks and it can benefit your health in many different ways. For example, studies show that it can also be good for a healthy liver.

Green tea is an amazing beverage with a lot of health benefits. Japanese research has shown that even drinking 10 cups can help your liver markers.

A small study found that drinking green tea high in antioxidants for 12 weeks improved liver enzyme levels, and reduced oxidative stress and fat deposits.

Nevertheless, it’s best to exercise caution if you have liver problems before you take green tea as a supplement. There have been reports of liver damage in people who are careful when they take supplements containing ginkgo Biloba or other herbs.

2. Don’t over consume Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen is found in more than 600 medicines, including many cold and flu remedies. Adults should not exceed 4,000mg per day but taking too much could affect your liver. Keep to a limit of 1 acetaminophen product per day, and never take more than the recommended dosage.

3. Limit alcohol Consumption for a Healthy Liver

If you drink alcohol, your liver has to stop offing other jobs so it can get rid of the alcohol in your body. Drinking too much in one go can slow down and hurt the liver. This can lead to fatty liver, which is a sign of the disease. It might also cause bad bacteria in your gut to grow and travel to your liver so they can harm it

4. Keep a Healthy Body Weight for a healthy liver

Weight loss is hard work and if you’re not keeping a healthy BMI, you’re going to have a tough time. There are tools online that can help calculate your BMI – it’s typically between 18-25 for the average person. The best way to stay healthy and maintain a good weight is by eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly. Your doctor can help you set a weight goal that will keep all your body parts healthy in the long term.

Scientists have found that exercise has the potential to keep you at a healthy weight and even if it doesn’t affect your BMI, it’s still a great way of preventing nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Why? Because it can help improve how insulin is processed or burn thick, belly fat and protein.

5. Check for Liver Damage

If you drink heavily or have a family history of liver disease, get a check on for hepatitis. Also, early treatment could help you avoid symptoms and the disease has never shown any symptoms the first time it sets in. Anyone who is at risk should also be tested.

6. Prevent hepatitis A, B and C

Get vaccinated:

Hepatitis A and hepatitis B are liver-affecting viruses. If you have not been immunized, speak with your doctor so that your liver can be kept in a healthy state.

Practice safe sex:

Hepatitis B and C are dangerous diseases that can affect your liver. They are contagious, so you should avoid contact with bodily fluids.

Wash your hands for a healthy Liver

Hepatitis A can be transmitted through food or water.


Your liver is an important organ with many benefits, and you should do what you can to keep it in good shape. Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly will keep your liver running smoothly for years to come!

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