Does Shaving Stimulate Hair growth? Let’s Know The facts

Feb 15, 2023 by Adhip

Contrary to popular opinion, shaving your hair does not stimulate its growth back faster or thicker. This misconception was disproven by older clinical studies.

Despite being debunked nearly a century ago, the myth of shaving causes hair to grow back thicker persists. This could be because regrowth after shaving often looks different. To understand why this is the case and how to get a better shave, learn more about the real side effects of shaving.

Does shaving Stimulate hair growth faster or thicker?

Shaving does not influence the diameter, hue, or rate of growth of hair in any way. Rather, it gives the tip of the hair a blunt look which may seem coarse at first. Additionally, this new texture might make the hair more visible and perceived as thicker or darker.

An uncharacteristic increase in body hair is something you should look into right away. Speak to your doctor about it and ask about any medication side effects or underlying medical issues that could be causing it. Additionally, the doctor might suggest various hair-removal techniques that could help improve the condition.

Your hair may look darker when it’s freshly grown-out, out due to its thickness. Additionally, the lightening effects of the sun, soaps and other chemicals have yet to take effect on your new hair growth.

If you have generally lighter skin, the dark color of new hair growth may appear more distinct than usual. This is due to the effect of the contrast in color, rather than anything to do with how you’re shaving.

Side effects of shaving your hair

No matter how well you know how to shave, it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t experience any side effects. These issues may arise due to wrong or ineffective methods. Typical problems associated with shaving are skin irritation, razor burn, contact dermatitis, cuts, ingrown hairs, blisters, pimples, and itchy skin.

How does hair growth happen if its not stimulated by shaving?

Dispelling the myth that body hair does not grow takes an understanding of the stages of its growth. Typically, it takes around a month for body hair to fully reach its length, making it significantly shorter than head hair.

Hair growth begins with hair follicles, which are situated just beneath the surface of the skin. These follicles are supplied with essential proteins and blood to form the roots of each strand.

Hair is produced as it moves through the hair follicles and sebaceous glands located in the skin. The oil produced by these glands helps to condition the hair as it grows longer. Once the hair exits its roots, the cells are no longer alive.

Shaving only gets rid of the dead hair on the surface of your skin, not any hair that lies under it. Therefore, you can’t alter features such as color, thickness, or rate of growth through shaving.


Don’t let myths stand in the way of you from achieving your desired look. Shaving has absolutely no effect on the rate at which your hair grows, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Embrace whichever grooming routines make you feel most confident!

If regular shaving seems to be ineffective for you, it might be a good idea to seek advice from a dermatologist. They can provide information on other hair removal options that may work better for you depending on various factors such as your skin type and body part. These could include waxing or laser removal which are more permanent solutions.

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