All about Lacerated kidney Causes & its treatment

Feb 16, 2023 by Adhip

Recently, two professional athletes – Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts and Keenan Allen of the San Diego Chargers – symptoms have been diagnosed with lacerated kidney treatment, a condition that has taken them out of the game. This marks yet another type of injury that can threaten players’ careers.

We are all familiar with the potential for head injuries that can have lasting effects on players. Additionally, we have seen a number of professional athletes miss time due to serious orthopedic issues.

Lacerated kidney treatment: Causes of kidney injuries?

A Lacerated kidney is typically the result of a hard bump or impact and needs treatment. This type of injury is often linked to car crashes and other vehicular accidents.

Kidney lacerations can result in severe ache, particularly in the upper abdomen or hip flank. Both Allen and Luck experienced pain on their sides post-injury, leading them to seek medical attention.

Kidney injuries commonly result from a direct blow to the back. The kidneys, which are typically two in number and situated one on each side, are located in the flank region at the back of the abdomen underneath the rib cage.

Kidneys are kept in place by two major ties to the body – the vascular pedicle, through which arteries and veins connected to the aorta pass, and the ureter, what transports urine into the bladder. The kidneys are fairly well-shielded by muscles, ribs, and fat. However, they can still be subject to contusions or lacerations if hit with great force – similar to how a watermelon could burst if dropped.

Kidney anatomy is divided into segments or poles, meaning that each part has its own individual blood supply and drainage systems. This is beneficial in cases of injury since it allows for only a single part of the kidney to be damaged without damaging the whole organ.

Symptoms of lacerated kidney

Lacerated kidney are rarely spontaneous, so the symptoms usually occur as a result of an injury and requires treatment. People who have experienced trauma may show signs of kidney laceration, such as pain in their lower back and abdomen regions, bleeding in the urine, and fever.

Signs of kidney injury may not always be obvious – you could still have a kidney injury even if there is no visible blood in the urine. There could be microscopic amounts of blood present or none at all.1

Lacerated kidney treatment

If you think you may have injured your kidneys, go to the emergency room for further examination. If you feel faint or weak, it’s best to dial 911 instead of trying to drive yourself to the hospital.

Following the results of the test, you may be advised to either return home or to go to hospital for observation. This includes thorough monitoring of vital signs, regular lab tests and strict adherence to bed rest.

Depending on the severity of your injury, you can return home for observation with a follow-up plan that includes repeat imaging. In serious cases, needs surgery right away.


Even if the abdominal area was not having an injury, if you notice blood in your urine, it is important to consult a doctor right away. Additionally, other signs such as pain in the flank region or lightheadedness when standing. It should not ignore and need to check out.

Blunt trauma to the abdomen may cause delayed bleeding. Lacerated kidney treatment is necessery and you should talk to a doctor about it

Fortunately, many low-grade and even some grade 3 & 4 kidney injuries can heal on their own without the need for surgery. Thus, this is a great way for your body to recover itself quickly and naturally.

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